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Giving Tuesday was last week, but it’s always a good time to give back. Being a black-owned clean beauty brand, we at Glory Skincare know the importance of community and helping each other out. For the entire month of December, we are teaming up with The Alexandria House, donating 10% of all sales to back them in their efforts. Founded in 1996, The Alexandria House has since provided a safe and supportive environment and housing “for women and children in the process of moving from emergency shelter to economic stability and permanent housing.”

Our Glory Skincare Founder, Alisia Ford, has a soft place in her heart for the organization, and recently took to Instagram to express her connection and devotion to the people they serve. Having experienced housing insecurity herself, Alisia came out on the other side of her challenges with the understanding that her calling is to make an impact, and help others who are going through a similar scenario to hers. With more than a 92% success rate, The Alexandria House is fulfilling its mission to get women and children in need to a better place, with the help of the numerous donors, volunteers, ambassadors, and more.

If you’re also interested in giving back to The Alexandria House, their website is full of useful information on the different ways you can join them in their pursuit of a better future for the community. You can get involved by volunteering with them, helping them through the holidays (food drive, gift ideas, Amazon wishlist, gift cards, etc.), making donations (gently used), and contributing a Hope Box (filled with items a family would need when moving into a new home). 

This holiday season, things look different. We are staying home, keeping a safe, social distance from one another, and are coming up with different ways to still have a chance at taking part in the spirit of the season. In addition to dropping off donations to organizations, like The Alexandria House, think about offering help to elderly family, friends, and neighbors (running errands, dropping things/food off, etc.). Outside of services, you can always find ways to volunteer your time to hop on a phone call or Zoom with someone who lives alone, just for emotional support. The holidays can be a lonely time, especially in this time of isolated precaution. Showing interest in someone who has been overlooked can make a world of difference.

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