We’re sharing our holiday gift guide, along with some small businesses to support!

We’ve landed on the heels of Thanksgiving (still eating leftovers!), and are fully immersed in the holiday season! With Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, and other cultural celebrations specific to this time of the year, we’re bringing you our holiday gift guide, in order to help get you in the spirit. It’s a unique year, but we are making the best of things, and thoughtful gifts will be even more meaningful now, more than ever. We’re sharing three Glory Skincare gifts that also make Glory-ous stocking stuffers! You see what we did there…?

Glory Lip Duo: Cocolippy Scrub + Cocobliss Hydrating Lip Balm

Getting ready for that moment you get caught under the mistletoe, our Glory Lip Duo contains two items — one that scrubs and preps your lips for the second step, a hydrating lip balm. Made to be used together, once you’ve prepped lips, you can keep the lip balm handy, making sure of maximum hydration!


Glory-ous Holiday Limited Edition Candle Set: Cozy Up & Groove

Our candle set includes two scented candles that set the perfect tone, depending on the mood you’re in. In your quiet moments of reflection, Cozy Up is your go-to. With warm notes of lemon, bergamot, cashmere, and white musk, leave your preoccupations at the door, and melt away into a state of relaxation. Then, when you’re ready for a little push to get things done — from decorating to cooking, and everything in between — light our Groove candle. With eucalyptus and mint as the featured notes, you’ll feel refreshed, recharged, and ready for that holiday fray!


Glory Glo-Band: The First Satin-Lined Spa Headband

Our satin-lined Glo-Band can take you through the holidays and beyond. Use it for keeping hair out of your face when maintaining your skincare regimen, or to hold your hair up while you take a well-deserved soak (try our Sea Soak Trio, another gift idea!), after the busyness of the season!


Patchology Best in Snow Holiday Kit

This holiday kit is all you need to keep your hands and feet as soft and smooth as they can be. With a self-warming hand and cuticle mask for each hand, as well as a softening heel and foot mask for each foot, you’ll wonder where this feeling has been the entire year!


Holiday Merry & Bright Limited Edition Glitter Eye Gels

If you’re getting less sleep, these days, these eye gels are the solution. Combat dark circles and tired eyes with the Illuminating Eye Gels, and then have the Restoring Night Eye Gels work overtime (overnight) to repair skin while you sleep. Wake up feeling — and looking — rested! 


Nash + Jones Clay Masks

Depending on your skin type, choose one of these clay masks to gently exfoliate dead skin, remove impurities, and unveil a bright, tight, glowy new face, just in time for the season.


With all of these choices — and so little time — choosing may seem difficult. Why not customize your own Wellness Box, and offer more options to your gift recipient? Not only will you be able to give them a custom gift, you know them best and will be catering to what it is you know they need most! Don’t forget, this holiday you receive a free Glory-ous cosmetic bag, with every purchase!


In addition to our Glory Skincare gift guide, we’d love to also salute and support other small businesses. Below, we are highlighting some of our favorite small businesses in the worlds of fashion, home decor, art, and food and drink:






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