I started my clean beauty journey over 10 years ago after realizing that my “healthy” lifestyle didn’t factor in the types of products I was using on my body. In response to debilitating migraines, I started researching all of the toxins hiding inside my beauty products.  I started testing clean skincare products in local organic markets and began to not only see a difference in my skin, but also experience fewer migraines. 

As a teenager growing up in Southern California, me and my mother would spend time together for an afternoon of self-care, and get facials. It has been a routine that I have held onto as an adult. As my love for self-care grew, I recognized few spas carried clean and natural products, and unfortunately lacked expertise in treating skin of color. I started a survey and received an inspiring response from so many women with the same concerns. 

That’s when I had the vision to open a skincare shop where I could treat, educate, and introduce women to the safest, most effective non-toxic products. Most importantly, I’m inspired to make skincare services more inclusive and reflect the diversity we see in our communities. 

Soon I left my corporate attorney job and immersed myself in the world of clean beauty. I hunted down the best products, continued researching and writing about everything from ingredients to regulation, and began building relationships with brands and dermatologists.

We’re set out to open our first Glory shop in the near future and have begun with a digital presence. I look forward to sharing our suggested products and services with you and have you participate in this journey with us! 



Toxic Twenty:

As part of our product approval process we ensure that our curated products are free of any questionable ingredients. The Toxic Twenty is a list we have complied of some of the beauty industries top toxic skincare ingredients. Each ingredient/chemical on this list can be considered not only a risk to your health but a risk to our environment. 

We strive to provide clean and effective products that won't harm your health or the health of the environment. 

View our Toxic Twenty List here to educate yourself on these 20 toxic ingredients!