LET'S FACE IT: Keep your skin glowing!

How to keep your skin glowing when you’re stuck indoors

We’ve lost count as to how many days we’ve been inside since the beginning of the global pandemic, and even though we get to escape for outdoor exercise and distanced patio meals, for the most part, we’ve had to depend on ourselves to keep up with our beauty routines. In all honesty, we’re doing a pretty good job! From honing our mani/pedi skills to trying every YouTuber’s hairstyle tutorials, we’ve proven to be more than capable of being self-sufficient (even though we miss those salon shampoo head massages!). One thing you should be doing, whether or not you’re used to going to an esthetician for your facial skincare, is making a routine of maintaining your glow, even if it’s between visits. We’re giving you some quick and easy tips on how to give yourself an at-home facial.


1. Wash away the day.

Before you begin your at-home facial, aside from setting the mood with some music you’re in the mood for, we suggest you wash your face. Making sure your face is clean is extremely important, so that you’re not skipping steps and allowing dirt and bacteria to seep into your pores, once you’ve opened them up. So, make sure you remove all makeup, sweat, oil, debris, and anything else that can end up infecting your skin, and defeating the purpose of the facial! We recommend the Turmeric Guava Glowing Cleanser, which cleanses, purifies, and nourishes your skin, the Pomegranate Enzyme Facial Cleanser, which removes dirt and makeup without stripping the skin of essential moisture, or The Wash, which removes dirt and bacteria, while replacing the moisture with natural oils.


2. Reveal the skin you’re in.

The next step would be to exfoliate. By gently rubbing away the dead skin cells that naturally build up over time, you’re able to let your skin breathe and are preparing it for the next step in your at-home facial. Whether you normally use a mechanical exfoliant (one that has a texture to it, a granular scrub) or a chemical exfoliant, we recommend the mechanical for this facial, so that you avoid any reactions to the heat of the steam in the next step. We recommend the Manuka Coffee Face Scrub, a gentle way to remove dead skin and stimulate collagen production.


3. Get steamy with it.

Next, use your favorite steamer, or go old school and fill a bowl with hot water (if you boil water, be really careful with the temperature, as you don’t want to burn your face). When the temperature is bearable, place a towel over your head and your face over the bowl, leaving an opening so that you can breathe. Move away from the bowl, periodically, so that you’re not overwhelmed by the heat and steam. Five to 10 minutes should suffice.


4. Mask on!

Apply your favorite nourishing mask. With this step, you are feeding your skin and restoring anything that was lacking, when the layer of dead skin was blocking your daily products from keeping your skin fed. We think the Purifying Seaweed Mask is perfect for that, as it contains restorative phytochemicals and more than 92 minerals! Take a warm, damp face cloth to remove the mask. 


5. Replenish.

Now, it’s time to moisturize. After all of the pampering and care you’ve given your skin, it’s time to seal in the goodness! One moisturizer we swear by, because of its deep moisturizing properties, is the Citrus Stem Cell Intense Moisture Lock Creme


Now that you’ve proven to yourself that the home spa is open, there’s no turning back! From now on, there’s no excuse as to why you shouldn’t be glowing all over the place! We see you!

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