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Self-care Sample Trio

Take some well deserved time for yourself with three of our most self-care promoting products. You'll have everything you need to unwind with deluxe samples of both of our Bath Products and Botanical Facial Steam. So go ahead, block off some time in your calendar for yourself!


Each sample size of product includes enough for 2 uses and are packaged in individual resealable, recyclable bags to maintain freshness between uses. 


Replenishing Salt Soak: Scented with intoxicating Jasmine Sumac Absolute and balancing Geranium essential oil. Himalayan and Dead Sea Salts are rich in minerals that are essential for healthy skin such as magnesium, calcium, and potassium to name a few. Additionally, they have been found helpful in removing toxins, stimulating circulation and soothing sore muscles.

Soothing Milk Bath: Intended to alleviate dry sensitive skin with healing herbal extracts and moisturizing coconut milk. Oatmeal, honeysuckle and chamomile help in relieving irritation and itchy skin making it ideal for even the most sensitive skin.

Botanical Facial Steam: A floral and herbal mixture that releases its healing properties through the steam it creates when hot water is added. The warmth will open your pores, allowing your skin to fully receive the benefits the herbs have to offer.