We’re thankful to have been featured in these top press spaces!

When we launched in late May of this year, we had no idea of what was to come. After the pandemic hit, our CEO and Founder Alisia Ford had to make the decision to pivot to a skincare beauty box, and, in retrospect, the timing could not have been any better. Can we tell you, since the spring, it’s been a whirlwind, and the blood, sweat, and tears have certainly not been in vain! Equipped with quality clean skincare products, researched information for readers and subscribers, live talks with experts every Thursday, a burgeoning social presence, and a whole lotta boldness, Glory Skincare is flourishing — and we are here to say thank you! Glory has already been featured in some of the top media outlets, and we wanted to express our gratitude!

The Oprah Magazine

When Lady O comes looking for you, you make sure to be found! When Oprah’s team included Glory Skincare in their feature on the best beauty subscription boxes out there, we were more than excited! To be filled with gratitude is an understatement. The feature puts an emphasis on the fact that we are a non-toxic and cruelty-free company, and that’s something deeply important to us. To be recognized by one of the most powerful people and women in the world and her team...there are no words. Thank you to The Oprah Magazine — we are so grateful.


The Queen Bey’s website features a directory of black-owned businesses, and we are thankful to have been included! Not only are we among some of the most beautiful leading and emerging black-owned companies in the nation and Africa, we also get to rub elbows with some of the most beautiful and emerging people in those same locations. What an honor, and to Beyoncé’s team, we say, thank you! 

Marie Claire

Marie Claire featured Glory Skincare as one of the best beauty subscription boxes. We’re thankful for their focus on our box as being customizable, tailoring to your skin’s needs. They also mentioned the skincare quiz that we use to make sure you receive products that will be useful and effective for your unique skin mapping. Thank you, Marie Claire, for showing your readers that everyone’s skin needs are different, but that we’ve got them covered!

Harper’s Bazaar

This past summer, Harper’s Bazaar featured 22 black-owned beauty brands to invest in. That’s right, we were featured! In an effort to support black female founders, the fashion magazine, that’s been around just over 150 years, they zeroed in on the idea that Glory is clean and represents culture, community and female empowerment. Thank you to Harper’s Bazaar, for recognizing our efforts to bring a curated selection of products to women of color!


Because they are one of the beauty leaders, we are thankful to have been included in Byrdie’s list of the best black-owned beauty and wellness products to gift this season! With the holidays around the corner, we are working to bring you the best products in skincare, and they’ll definitely be the perfect additions to stockings (can’t forget the stuffers!), as well as great gift ideas for loved ones, friends, and yourself! This holiday season will look different, but we strive to make you feel the spirit, just the same. Thank you, Byrdie!

Beauty Independent

Thank you, Beauty Independent, for featuring Glory Skincare (and Alisia Ford) as being a comfortable space for women of color. The feature includes their conversation on why Alisia launched this business, and what it means to her. Growing up in a world that offered limited options for women of color, the article touches on why this has been an important black-owned business. As we strive to give women of color the options they may not be seeing in the world of beauty and skincare, we are thankful to outlets that help to spread the message that we care, we hear you, and we are doing this for you. 


Popsugar, thank you for short-listing Glory Skincare as one of six black-owned beauty subscription boxes people should know about! Thank you for talking about the items we include — from SPF to exfoliants and facial tools — and for punctuating the idea that it’s something that women of color can tweak to fit their skincare needs and wants!

We cannot thank these outlets enough! Alisia brought Glory Skincare to the world when she felt a need for it. And now, after less than six months, we’re seeing proof that it’s been a need unfulfilled for so many women like her, and for so long. We remain thankful to you all, and look forward to sharing even more to come from Glory Skincare!

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